© Madalin Calita / pixabay.com free images ElectronicAnarchy.com is a web based community for distributing its own informative content, as well as highlights from selected third party publications.

ElectronicAnarchy.com provides knowledge and spread ideas through different information channels, plural perspectives and alternative voices.

ElectronicAnarchy.com has no ties to any political, economic, social or editorial organizations.

ElectronicAnarchy.com does not follow any religion or ideology.

Our Principles

We believe in freedom of expression and communication as an essential element of democratic coexistence and socio-cultural development.

We believe that social and political harmony can be achieved only through dialogue and non-sectarian debate of ideas and life projects.

We believe that being happy does not have to be just a wish, but we know that happiness is not achieved without effort and is always volatile.

What We Are

  • A web platform for distributing information content with connections to a plural selection of online publications from around the world.
  • A free, universal and unrestricted web portal, accessible through any device with an internet connection: computer, tablet, smartphone.
  • A world wide web community of free men and women who cares.

What We Do

  • Research, reporting and analysis on major current topics
  • Publishings and editorial highlights of newspapers, radio and TV from around the world.
  • Sharing and dissemination of contents from different sources and distinct points of view.

How Do We Do

ElectronicAnarchy.com produces its own content, but also uses materials from third parties: news, reports and other content of public interest, normally distributed via RSS feeds, with the sole purpose of making these contents known to a greater number of readers.

Except in cases where the entire content of the third party website is made available in its entirety, we only present a summary highlight, duly linked to the original publication.

We do not use scrapers or any legal or illegal tools to access third party's contents without their consent. We respect the rules regarding syndication and dissemination of online publications. We only aggregate content from websites that provides the respective highlights in RSS feeds.

Us And The Others

There is no affiliation or any other formal or informal relationship between ElectronicAnarchy.com and the publications cited or highlighted on our website. There is no sponsorship or counterpart from either party to the other.

The feeds distributed on our website are selected from thousands of pages around the world. Opinions expressed on ElectronicAnarchy.com by partners or third party publications do not reflect the views of the website coordinators.


ElectronicAnarchy.com Coordination Team



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